Processing Queue Not Working

using phpList version 3.6.12, php 7.4.

Had upgraded to version 3.6.14 but had to revert back to reinstalling 3.6.12 because host does not offer php ver.8

Created a list of 2 subscribers and tried sending a campaign. Keep getting queue fail to process. When accessing the database (MySql) I get an error message that reads: “Database error 1226 while doing query User ‘xxx’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 150000)”

How do I resolve this? Can i resolve it via the phpList config.php file?

Interesting, I have been running phpList for years, and never ran into this particular issue. It looks like it’s and issue with the database configuration. it looks like there is a database config setting that limits the number of queries per hour, ‘max_questions’
From this page here, apache 2.2 - 'max_questions' for user 'root' has exceeded - Server Fault , That page suggests that you wait until the database timer resets (1 hour?), and then run this sql command (example is based on ‘root’ user, change that to the user listed in the error messge):

 update mysql.user set max_questions = 0 where user = 'root';
 flush privileges;

Then there is a config file for the database on your server (my.ini), you should make/edit the entry in there to make the change permanent.
Exactly how to do this on your server depends on the os, db version, etc. You’ll most likely need at least phpMysql… or equivalent.