Processing Bounces

We used phplist for years and got away from it because of some IP issues.

We are looking to use it again. We’ve updated it to version 3.0.12.

We currently are having an issue processing bounces. I started it at about 8am this morning (3 hours ago) and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. This is what it is currently saying:

0 bounces to fetch from the mailbox
Please do not interrupt this process
Closing mailbox, and purging messages
Processing bounces based on active bounce rules
0 bounces processed by advanced processing
98 bounces were not matched by advanced processing rules
Identifying consecutive bounces

I believe our config files are set up properly but I could be wrong. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Have you set up any advanced bounce processing rules? There is some information in the manual about that

I did. I set up about 50 or so I found on the old phplist forum.

Go to “system” “check bounce rules”, and you can see the bounces that are not processed.
Look at them one by one, and if they are legitimate bounces, then set up a rule using some unique text in the email that will recognize that bounce on future emails.

You should try to come up with a set of rules that will recognize about 98% of the bounced emails.

This process will need to be repeated over several months until it recognizes the vast majority of bounces.

It showed 0 bounces processed. I know there should be some because I put in some of my emails incorrectly to test out.

If it was already processed, and deleted, then it won’t process again. Look up the incorrect emails, and see if there are any bounces?

There aren’t any bounces. The only bounces are for the one email I know is correct.