Process still running

Good Morning,
I have this problem when I run process from bash.
My crontab command is
bash /var/www/lists/cron/phplist -pprocessqueue >/var/log/phplist/crontab_mailprocessing.log

In my log I see
phpList - phpList version 3.6.10 (c) 2000-2023 phpList Ltd,
phpList - A process for this page is already running and it was still alive 0 seconds ago
phpList - Running commandline, quitting. We’ll find out what to do in the next run.

Can I stop this “process for this page is already running”? How can I do it?

Good Morning

if you have access to the command line on the server, you can kill the process queue command.

There is still a record in the database that indicates the queue is being processed. You can either just wait for this to timeout, or you can go into the proper database table and delete that record…

Once the database is ok, you can process the queue again.