Process queue continues even with nothing in the queue - 3.3.1

Hi everyone,

Everything was working very well, but in the last campaign I sent I noticed that before the end the phplist soon kept spinning but was not sending the messages.

Since then I can not send any more campaigns.

I have no campaign in the queue but when I run the phplist on the command line it says:

phpList version 3.3.1 (c) 2000-2017 phpList Ltd,
phpList_longevidade - A process for this page is already running and it was still alive 0 seconds ago
phpList_longevidade - Running commandline, quitting. We'll find out what to do in the next run.

By the browser if I press to process the queue, the phplist logo will be processing but there is nothing in the queue.

If I reinstall the phplist it works normally, but I would not want to lose everything I have configured.

Is there anything I can delete in the mysql table?

He’s choking.

@machado It looks like you have a cron job or command line process active. You can probably find it with a command like this

ps -ef | grep phplist

Also, look at the phplist_sendprocess table and delete any rows from that.

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Hi duncanc,

 ps -ef | grep phplist
voadm    14673 14670  0 11:28 pts/1    00:00:00 grep phplist

It looks like this is not it, do you know if any table might be with a lock file type?

@machado The phplist_sendprocess table, as I mentioned.

I cleaned the process that was on the table, I had to process the queue and he behaved well but when I tried to send the campaign he just got back by turning the logo.
I can send the test email. Do you have any idea how I can resolve this?

@machado How are you processing the queue, at the command line or a cron job, or through the browser? I recommend using command line/cron job, as trying to send through the browser has other restrictions and is suitable only for small lists.

Hi duncan, clearing the table phplist_sendprocess made it work again! Thank you!

But why one always once in a while has to delete a “hanging” process in the database ? A permanent solution is needed.