Process Bounces: Cannot create POP3 connection

Hi folks!

I am using phpList v3.6.13
PHP v7.4.33
MySQL v8.0.33-25 (this was recently updated by my provider)

When I try to process bounces I get the following message:

Cannot create POP3 connection to Can't connect to,995: Connection timed out

This is strange because, because I double and triple checked the config file and made sure that I could login to the webmail interface of the bounce mailbox.

$message_envelope = '';
$bounce_protocol = 'pop';
$bounce_mailbox_host = '';
$bounce_mailbox_user = '';
$bounce_mailbox_password = 'secret';
$bounce_mailbox_port = "995/pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert";

I copied and pasted email address and password to prevent typos.

What could be the reason for this not working?


Hi Christian, It’s difficult to troubleshoot these issues by editing the config.php file.
What I usually do is use the Thunderbird email program, and setup the connection to the bounce mailbox within Thunderbird, then whan that works, I know what I should use in phpList.
At that point, it’s easier to try various settings within the config.php file, since you know what works in general.

I did exactly that - used Thunderbird to connect to the bounce mailbox with the settings in the config-file. Works as expected.

I tried many different settings, but all failed. This is so strange.

What really puzzles me is the following message;

Cannot create POP3 connection to Can’t connect to,995: Connection timed out

Why “,995”? Shouldn’t it be “,465”?

Meanwhile I am on v3.6.14 –The problem still persists:

Cannot create POP3 connection to {}INBOX: Can't connect to,995: Connection timed out

In Thunderbird I can connect via POP3 to the mailbox without problems.

Why does the error message mention “,995”, although smtp uses port 465 ? Is the error message erroneous, or does phplist try to use port 995 to connect to the smpt-server?

@caigner Check that you do not have repeated settings in config.php with different values.

Possibly port 995 is blocked on the web server.

Otherwise I suggest raising the problem with the hosting company.

Well, I shall check that, but it does not explain why the message says

which, to me, is clearly wrong. It should be,465.

I checked – I have no repeated settings in my config.php.

I have no problems sending mailing campaigns, so my smtp-settings are correct.

I only have problems when I try to fetch bounces. and have the same IP address, so it may just be a case of something selecting the “wrong” one when going from the IP address back to the domain.

You could try using IMAP to see whether that works

$bounce_mailbox_host = '';
$bounce_mailbox_port = "993/imap/ssl";

I tried IMAP:

Cannot create POP3 connection to {}INBOX: Can't connect to,993: Connection timed out

I have contacted my provider, but when he sees,993 I am sure he will say, that’s the wrong port number.