Process a queue batch with cron seems don’t take account of my config parameter

In my ovh installation a cron task could only be executed with a schedul of 1 hour …
I have this option in my config.php file
define(“MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE”,190); # my provider limit to 200/hour
define(“MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD”,3600); # 1 hour
define(‘MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE’,1); # 1 sec between message 190 sec … one batch

My aim is that the system will send one email every 1 second and pause waiting a next batch after sending 190 messages …

In the event log I see >
275122 25 Avril 2024 16:31:07 Error sending email to SMTP Error: data not accepted.SMTP server error: DATA END command failed Detail: Mail quota exceeded for
You have exceeded the limit of 200 messages per hour and per account. Please, re-try later. 221 Closing connection, please refrain from sending too many mails SMTP code: 550 Additional SMTP info: 5.7.0
Page: processqueue

275121 25 Avril 2024 16:31:01 Fetching success
Page: processqueue

In 6 seconds a limit of 200 messages is reach …
It seems to me that phplist don’t take account of my config file.!
Why 200 ? my limit is 190 !

Could you help me ? Why my config.php seem to not be take into account ?
Is the SMTP error a message from my “email” provider and not from phplist ?
Thanks in advance.

Jc. Marbaix

@ALIDHE Check in config.php that there are not multiple definitions of those settings. Only the first will be used.