Probs with batch processing - sending queue - with own php script

during the last days i made a own php script to send the queue. It´s still working now but i have the following problem:
(the script is using curl & the “admin/?page=processqueue&secret=XXX” link)

I use version 3.2.1 and the normal config.php file with this options:
The script “reloads” with different sleeping times so I can change the sending rate over url parameters.

I make a new campaign and place it in the queue.
Here the messages: Campaign added / Campaign queued / Remote queue processing has been activated successfully
If I start my php script directly after, it´s all working 
here the response from curl:
{“campaign”:1,“num_users_for_message”:0,“batch_count”:30,“batch_total”:30,“sendemail returned false total”:0,“send blocked by domain throttle”:0,“add attachment error”:0,“sendemail returned false”:0,“sentastest”:0,“invalid”:0,“failed_sent”:0,“sent”:30,“num_per_batch”:30,“status”:1,“sent_users_for_message 327”:30,“total_users_for_message 327”:1251,“max_users_for_message 327”:30,“processed_users_for_message 327”:30,“failed_sent_for_message 327”:0,“delaysend”:-33}

  • sending 33 sec. For 30 mails and then 30 sec. sleep then “reload” till the queue is processed

Now to my problem: When I place the campaign in the queue and want to start my php scipt later then the sending begins “from alone” with a delay from several minutes. Phplist sends 30 mails and makes a pause from 15 minutes before it sends the next 30 mails.

Is it possible to turn off the automatically sending? I want to process the queue only with my own script.
( I tried define (“MANUALLY_PROCESS_QUEUE”,1); and define (“MANUALLY_PROCESS_QUEUE”,0):wink: but the automatically sending happens with both options.

Thanks and wishes