Problems with shipment

Hello friends, I have everything ready and when I send the shipment, it keeps processing and this report arrives every minute with this information:

Los siguientes eventos ocurrieron mientras se procesaba la cola de mensajes:

[Mon 6 Feb 2023 23:06] [] Enviando en lotes de 500 correos
[Mon 6 Feb 2023 23:06] [] se procesaron 6 de 6 suscriptores
[Mon 6 Feb 2023 23:06] [] Estadio de script: 5
[Mon 6 Feb 2023 23:06] [] 6 fallaron (se reintentará más tarde)

Thank you for your cooperation.

I would start by looking at the ‘system’, ‘log of events’ menu. That should provide some insight into why your 6 emails are failing…

Thanks for your help, this is what it says in the events:

3217 8 Febrero 2023 11:20:58 Se envió un tamaño menor al del lote, así que será recargado inminentemente

Are there earlier messages in the log? The original results were from 6 February, but that log entry is from 8 February. Log entries from 6 February might be more important to examine.

Are you running this interactively or via cron? If interactively, did you leave the tab open? How many total subscribers did you expect to process? Is the campaign still in the queue?

Sorry for all of the questions, just trying to get more info that might help people here figure out what the problem might be.

I’ve never looked at the log of events before, but I looked tonight and I can see similar messages associated with sending my campaigns. I’m still running mine interactively, unfortunately, and just make sure that the browser tab stays open until the campaign has been sent.