Problems sending test mails

I could swear I was using PHP list a few days ago and it was letting me send a test mail every 20 seconds - now it’s at 140 seconds. Where is this limit set & why? The test panel implies that it can send to several comma separated addresses but it never works with more than one. This means that for me to send 4 test mails (4 email addresses) from 4 mails in a campaign, instead of taking a few seconds, it takes around 40 minutes (4x4x140) /60, mostly spent watching the second hand of the clock. Ridiculous, there must be a better way!

Are there any solutions to this problem - ie is it possible to quickly send test mails to 4 addresses?

No, the send test works for me pretty much instantly for multiple emails.
Just a thought, you are not sending a campaign by from in the background are you? Not looked at the code but that might restrict it.
Other than that, compare your config with the default and note differences here for best response also version number.

Strange - I just tried with two addresses and got the warning ‘There is a maximum of 1 test emails allowed’ with a notice that mailing to my second address failed :frowning:

@AlexWakatobi Are you using the hosted service?

Update - from your earlier posts I can see that you are using the hosted service. The limit on one test email is a restriction of the service but you can raise it with the service directly as there might be a way for it to be lifted.

Ah OK, so I guess I’m not alone - will raise it with