Problem with processing bounces via crom

I have updated PHPList to the latest version v3.3.1 and I am currently having a problem processing bounces via cron. It is giving me an error message saying:

“Error: processbounces does not process commandline”

How can I fix this?

@renantea Please show the command used by the cron job.

hi… i have been using the same command like this:

./phplist -pprocessbounces

@renantea Presumably phplist is a shell script, so you need to show its contents.

ahh… here’s the shell script:

/usr/local/php5/bin/php /Websites/myserver/lists/admin/index.php -c /Websites/myserver/config/config.php $*

@renantea Do you have a cron job to process the queue? If so, how is that different?
You could try leaving a space after the first p

./phplist -p processbounces

Thanks @duncanc ! I never realised that. Problem solved! :slight_smile: