Problem with images after updating to phplist 3.2.5

After I have updated form phplist 3.2.4 to 3.2.5 I can browse to images. I start a new message, I click on the image icon and than on “browse server”: A window with following url opens:

In the apache logs i get following error:

[access_compat:error] [pid 2479] [client …AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /var/www/clients/client12/web444/web/admin/plugins/CKEditorPlugin/kcfinder/browse.php, referer: https://lists2.mydomain.tld/admin/?page=send&id=8&tk=62e52e789e

OS: Ubuntu 14.04
Webserver: Apache 2.4
PHP: 5.5.9 (php-fpm)

I tried it with the old CKEditor and the new phplist, but I got the same error.

I did change nothing in the apache or php configuration. Also I used the old phplist config file

Thanks for help


@sonja In release 3.2.5 there are changes to the .htaccess files. The changes are meant to be backward compatible but they might be causing your problem.

Hi Duncanc
Thank you for the answer. But what do I have to change in which .htaccess? I see the differences, and I tried to comment out the old (<2.3) and new rules. Also I renamed .htaccess. I did this in the directories admin and kcfinder. But no success.


@sonja There is a .htaccess file in your directory


but that has a similar structure to the .htaccess files in the core phplist directories. As you are using apache 2.4 perhaps just change that file to be simply

<FilesMatch "\.php$">
    Require all granted

Also, I think that mixing old and new format .htaccess directives can cause a problem , so can you check that there aren’t any other htaccess files perhaps above the phplist directory

@duncanc I found the problem or better the solution: When I copied the new version it did not copy the hidden files ad .htaccess. With shopt -s dotglob I could solve the problem. After all files were copied.
Thank you for the help!