Problem version 3.0.12 with new domains

PhpList not accept emails with new domains: for example or

In Version 3 of phpList, the list of TLDs is stored in lists/admin/commonlib/lib/userlib.php at approx line 528.
It starts with $tlds =
Try adding the required tld (tools or digital) into this list, separating each tld with the ā€œ|ā€ character (Shift backspace).

TLD by the way sands for Top Level Domain.

phplist now holds the list of domains in the config table in its database in the row internet_tlds. The value in the code is a fail-back when that is not present - but Iā€™m not sure why that should happen.

phplist should also update the list automatically, and the list of domains in my config table includes digital and tools. The update frequency seems to be every 180 days but you can change to, say, every day, by adding this to your config.php file and change 15552000 to 86400


Thanks Duncan, That makes more sense nowadays. :wink:

Thanks Dragonriver and Duncan

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