Problem updating database

I just installed 3.3.3 but I’m having trouble updating the database.

I get the message:

Error: Your database is out of date, please make sure to upgrade
Your version : 3.2.6
phpList version : 3.3.3

  • I click on Upgrade and it hangs.
  • I try to enter phplist and get the message

phpList is in maintenance mode.
Please try again in half an hour.

  • I let it run for more than half an hour
  • I found this report and tried the solution Upgrade phplist problem
  • I can now access phplist but I still get the message that the DB is out of date and I must upgrade.
  • Click on “Upgrade” and get message

Another process is already upgrading this installation.

  • I try to force the upgrade and I get back to square 1 (it hangs, I let it run for almost an hour, delete the “maintenancemode” from the DB and again get the message to upgrade the DB.

Can I find somewhere the upgrade commands that should be run for the upgrade an run them manually via phpmyadmin? (The analytics software I run offers this option to prevent it from hanging on big DB upgrades.)
Or is there any other solution?

DBcheck shows a problem with the table phplist_user_message_view

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