Problem sending email about password

One of my admins is having problems sending test campaigns and processing campaigns in the Que.
I added a new administrator to my phpList. For the password field I click the Send email button and then saved the administrator.

After about 15 hours he still did not get the email about changing/creating a password. I know his email address is correct because I copied and pasted it from his email to me and it matched emails I send him.

Any idea as to why he does not get the password email? He has checked his inbox, spam folder and trash folder. I have not gotten any notification that the email did not send.

For troubleshooting, I’d recommend that you start by setting yourself up as and admin (using another email address that you can check). If the email message is coming to you, and not to your new guy, then the problem is with the new guy’s mail server end. Need to break the issue down to small steps, and test them one by one.

If I understand correctly what you are saying is that, when I start a campaign and process the queue, that my isp’s mail server actually processes the emails and not phpList.

The new admin’s isp is ATT. Any idea on what needs to be changed?

What actually happens is specified in phpList’s config.php file. You would need to configure the outgoing mail server (smtp server) in that file. typically your email provider would give you setting you can use for a client… (servername, user, password, port, ssl/tls settings)