Problem sending and add contact


I’m french so sorry for mistakes.
I have 2 first. First, when I add e-mail with attribute, I have this screen :

So, to add my e-mail and attributs, I inspect the code source of the page and clic here and it’s work.

The second problem is : when I sent an e-mail, I do not have a progress bar and I have to refresh the page to send each batch.

What can I do ?


The first issue is related to how apache (your webserver) is configured. You would need to change the settings on that… more instructions here:

For the second option, I would recommend setting up a cron job to process the queue and the bounces… you can find instructions for how to do that on your particular server by googling ‘phplist setup cron job’…


Thanks for your help. I try only the first solution and it’s work for all my problems :slight_smile: