Pre-Defined Templates

How can i add to the already predefined templates in the CKEditor plugin?

I want to make some more pre-defined templates and add it to the list of pre-defined templates.
where should i edit the code to add these templates.
Should i edit it directly in the CKEditor Plugin folder or somewhere else?

Plz help.
All the help is really appreciated.

I am using phpList version 3.2.1.

Thanks in advance.

@carldcosta26 What are you referring to by “templates”? CKEditor does not have anything called templates.

i found the file
Its in this folder


That is a plugin for CKEditor.The name “template” is unrelated to a phplist template so this might not do what you want.

Instead of modifying the file you identified, a better approach is to create a custom configuration file and put the code there. That way it will not be overwritten when you upgrade the phplist plugin. see

The phplist Content Areas plugin might provide you with a better solution if you want to have several pre-defined layouts.

Thank you very much for this information

I will have a look at it.