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I have managed to set phpList in a hurry for a one time project to send HTML emails out to our patrons. There remains to be nagging issues in the editor that I have just worked around for the time being - but this is a show stopper. I don’t at all mind having the “Powered by phpList” icon in its correct size at the bottom of any emails, but sending to one ISP gave me this which is not acceptable.

Any suggestions? I need to run this job in the middle of the night tomorrow night. Now I am trying to do a dry run.I see this huge enlargement on earthlink emails but there is not an issue with gmail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Douglas

@develteam There is a fairly recent topic about this, just look back at the topics for the past few weeks to find it.

Yes, thank you - I did not find it on the forums, but the power of Google got me to the correct thread. Testing now…

Anyone that searches and finds this topic, please refer to:
Thread about this issue in reference to Outlook
and here is the the proper fix on GitHub:
GitHub Edits