Powered by image too large version 3.2.5

At the bottom of the email to be sent to the subscribers there is a powered by image.
This is not in my template, it is generated by the system

With this version it has become very large, the generated html looks like this:
border=0 width=1024 height=450
src=“blah blah/image002.png”
alt=“powered by phpList 3.2.5, © phpList ltd” etc

But the image is low res, it looks horrible at this size
Can I return it to the 3.2.4 version size?


I’ve just checked one of my sites and the logo is the normal (small) size. Anyone else found @chivy’s issue?

That is strange, we use two different hosting sites with this software installed and both have this problem.

If the email is sent to outlook it is too large, if it is sent to gmail it is normal size, weird

I’ve just send an email to my outlook/hotmail.co.uk email and it shows as normal size.

It seems to be an outlook 2016 bug.

In gmail it looks OK
View in your webbrowser it looks OK.

I will send it out anyway, not much I can do about outlook

Any solution here? I have same problem in Outlook after upgrade from 3.2.1 to 3.2.5.
Thanks, Matjaz

I am relieved somebody else reported this, I was thinking it was just me.

I sent a sample to the user who requested the bulk email for checking and they didn’t complain so I sent it out.
But they might not think about the size of the powered by image.

Can you test against other email clients?
Is it just the latest version of outlook 2016 that has this problem?

There was a change in phplist 3.2.5 regarding the size of the image adjusting to the screen size, https://github.com/phpList/phplist3/pull/54 but I guess the idea was to shrink the image not enlarge it.

You can of course disable the image and show a text credit


Well spotted, I will try the text credit

@chivy problem is only in Outlook, I tried 2007 and 2010. Web mail and Android mail client looks normal.

@duncanc I can not disable image, I changed from define(“EMAILTEXTCREDITS”,0); to define(“EMAILTEXTCREDITS”,1); but image still exist.

define(“EMAILTEXTCREDITS”,1) worked OK for me

My solution for large phplist logo in Outlook is editing file sendemaillib.php with disabling some lines. Now is my phplist signature only text »POWERED BY PHPLIST«

define(“EMAILTEXTCREDITS”,1) not worked for me.

I have the same Problem with 3.2.5! (1and1 managed server)

oh - and my Email client is Outlook 2016…

(“EMAILTEXTCREDITS”,1) did work fine…

Am new phplist and having the same problem with the oversized logo… but need to ask… where do you put the define(“EMAILTEXTCREDITS”,1) ??

@mcekl It goes in the config.php file. If the line


is already present then change the 0 to 1, otherwise add the line


Many thanks, problem solved. plus finding the config file has answered acouple of other questions i had !

I have this same problem with Outlook 2016 and 3.2.5 - Is there any fix in the works?


Currently there is no full fix unless I missed something. I found that the edit on GitHub fixed the “Powered by” icon for web based clients (I was seeing the issue in gmail and earthlink webmail accounts) but that two line edit on GitHub only fixed the webclient emails and did not fix the display problem in Outlook email clients.

My only suggestion which I did not want to implement (as I believe the developers and the project deserve due credit for the software…) is the config file edit:


The end result of that is turning the “Powered by” logo into a tiny text link. For me by making both edits (the GitHub edit likely is not needed if you add the variable above to your config file) the system is fixed for all scenarios. Please others chime in if there has been any progress with this - and if not, if this is still a problem I will try and debug it and get the change to GitHub.

By all means anyone that has updated or contradictory information, please chime in, I don’t mind.

  • Douglas