Postfix relay to smtp office365

We are trying to set up phplist to work with postfix relay to smtp office365. (centos 7)

In phplist we have two accounts admin ( superadmin) , test1 (admin).

There are also two email address

For admin account test(at)example


For test1 test1(at)example

In Configuration

Person in charge of this system (one email address) : test(at)example

Default for ‘From:’ in a campaign : test(at)example

Also we have configure postfix to allow both test(at)example
and test1(at)example to send emails.

The thing is that when test email are sent through admin account everything works fine.

If we login as test1 user and set the “from” to test1(at) then postfix uses test(at)example account as the sender but for “from” uses test1(at)example

This get rejected from office365.

We have try multiple solution but nothing works up to now.

Also it seems that phplist uses “Person in charge of this system email” as “sender email”( Is this true? )

Has anyone managed to configure phplist to work with through postfix relay for several phplist users?

Any help will be appreciated