Possible to send Messages on same day in the Year?


I use autoresponder but there are follow messages only.
I am looking for a list where user subscribe and get on 1 January a message for 1 January and so on through the year. Not ending till unsubscribed.

Is it somehow possible with php list?

@dreamcreator I’m not clear what you mean.
What is special about 1 January? Does the subscriber have to choose a date when subscribing and then gets sent a campaign on that date? Or do you mean something else?

I mean, for each day of the year there will be a message. When subscribing user gets the message for this day of subscribing and further daily for each day after subscribing.

I use it similary via autoresponder but there subscriber gets just followup mails beginning from first one. Here I would like them to “jump” in the series

Use the embargo field to control when each campaign will actually be sent. phplist will send each campaign to all the subscribers.

Sorry, don’t understand. Do you mean schedule under campains.
Or unter menage autoresponders?

Where is embargo function? Would it work every year?

@dreamcreator the core phplist processing for repeating a campaign doesn’t repeat with a frequency of one year, only up to four weeks in the future. Therefore you will have to create new campaigns nearer the time. I don’t see any real benefit in creating campaigns up to one year in advance, why not do it each week or month?

The embargo is on the Schedule tab when composing a campaign.

It’s a kind of course with special message for each day of the year (imagine f-e- astrology or similar)
So I see it is not possible to realize this. I still don’t knw what is this embargo.
But thx first for answering :slight_smile: