Plugin tinymce local no cdn


I installed the plugin for tinymce, this however wants to connect to their CDN.
When I want host tinymce myself are there caveats to be expected?

No, I downloaded version 4.9.4 from the tinymce-website (5 does not work), unpacked the zip-file in /js
and adjusted the path (url) to tinymce.min.js .
It works . . .


Yes, that is explained in the plugin documentation
There shouldn’t be any problems with having a local copy.

TinyMCE 5 has some incompatible changes and also appears to require an api key for each installation.

Thanks duncanc,

I have TinyMCE version 4.9.4 installed in PHPlist, thats fine
Now I wanted to run it in german, the languagefile has been copied, but where ist the ini-file to run TinyMCE in german?

  selector: 'textarea',  // change this value according to your HTML
  language: 'de'

Where can I find this part of the code?


You can add that setting to those on the Settings page

you will also have to download a language pack

Now the editor is in German

Thanks duncanc,

I did not know that I could put it in there too.
A couple of years ago I used TinyMCE too have a customer edit a static html-file in his website.

Most of the time I use it as a part of the CMS I work with where the devs have adjusted it completely to fit the CMS. They now use MicroTiny, which I do not like.