Plugin Birthday by Hernol no longer works in Version 3

Hi all,

I upgraded to version 3 and the birthday plugin no longer works. It is impossible to save my changes from the ‘BIRTHDAY PLUGIN : MAIN’ page, because I receive the following message : ‘main -> Sorry not Implemented yet’.

Any chance someone knows how to fix it ?
And is it possible to have this plugin functional for the last version ?

Thanks in advance.

@xstilx I downloaded the plugin from here and had to make a few changes in order for the page to be displayed.
Now there is a menu item Campaigns > Birthday but I have not actually tried sending a message.

Here is the zip file that you can try (8.8 KB)

But the plugin might not work very well with phplist 3.
I’m not entirely sure what the plugin does but you might want to look at the Segment plugin that provides a flexible way of selecting the subscribers to receive a campaign. Look at the “after interval” operator for a date attribute.

Thanks a lot duncanc for your solutions.

I will take a look at the and Segment plugin.
And I let you know how it works.