Please update PHPMailer to 6.0.5 : DKIM bug


There are some problems with PHPMailer 5.2 which have been fixed in latest versions of PHPMailer 6.0.5 (for instance incorrect Correct DKIM canonicalization of line breaks for header & body which seems to cause wrong DKIM signature and “body hash did not verify” error). I can’t figure how to use PHPMailer 6.0.5 with PHPList 3.3.3.

Could you help me, please ?? I don’t understand what files I should modify (and how) to use PHPMailer 6.0.5.

I have newsletters to send and this DKIM bug makes my emails go to spam folder…

Many thanks in advance !


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@duncanc, @michiel, is there somebody to help us using phpmailer 6.0.5? Can’t understand what ´use namespace or change I have to do in phplist files to use 6.0.5. Could you help please ?

@trucmuche2005 @michiel Just changing the require statements isn’t going to be sufficient.

phplist is quite heavily tied-in to the current release of phpmailer, because the class PHPlistMailer inherits from PHPMailer, so there are going to be a number of code changes required.

See for an idea of what needs to be considered.

I replaced the require statements in class.phplistmailer.php and it then failed on the use of the phpmailer variable $LE. All uses of that need need to change because that is now a static variable not an instance variable.

Yes, I understood it… do you plan the update soon ? Because that classified Dkim bug in phpmailer < 6.0.3 makes all emails classified as spam and phplist 3.3.3 is quite unusable… very annoying!

I’ll have a look at updating. But I doubt it’s the cause of the emails going to spam. We send millions of emails that are not going to spam, with the latest phpList. It may contribute, that’s true, but there’s never a single reason for mails going to spam.

Thank you for having a look to update PHPMailer, @michiel !

For other problems I could have, I would like to ask for help to detect them because in the test results given by, everything is good except DKIM signature. My server is not blacklisted and every test I make show that everything is fine, except DKIM…
Same thing with : everything is OK (HELO Greeting, Reverse DNS, DNSBL, SPF, SPAMAssassin Content Checks, BATV, Greylisting, URIBL) except DKIM
Maybe you could advise me some things to check if you really think that there is something else… ???

seen the various DKIM threads in this forum, and perhaps I am suffering from the same issue. If I send through phplist a basic email with just some text written in, DKIM verifies, if I send an HTML newsletter (any html email, either hand-coded or through template software) I seem to trigger the DKIM not verifying.

Very confusing…

@Jaime There is a known problem with the Exim mail server that causes DKIM to fail when a line begins with a dot character. See If the last character of the footer is a DOT, then DKIM FAILS... WHY? for the details.

You can check whether your mail server uses Exim by looking at the headers of an email sent by phplist.


I’d seen that, but I’d tested so many old campaigns I breezed over it thinking it unlikely they’d all have managed to get a trailing stop - totally is though, now I’ve changed the wordwrap setting and run through the text version also.

great, I can send again and will see if I can get exim updated

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