"Please Enter Credentials" after upgrade to 3.3.3

My old id was only 3 characters. It always worked until I upgraded to 3.3.3. Now, it looks like some javascript it rejecting it saying “Please Enter Credentials”. Looking at the code, it looks like this is based on the length of the login id. I went into mySQL and changed my id to something longer, reset my password and now I am up and running again. If this new error checking looking for the length of the id is new, I suspect others are going to have problems and I could not find anything in the forums about this. Am I wrong?

@phpvdn Sounds like a potential issue – please can you report this to Mantis? Potential solutions are best discussed there.

We are facing exactly the same issue.

Has this been reported to Mantis? I couldn’t find anything relevant there.

Is there a suggested fix? We are currently updating our usernames to longer ones, in order to avoid the issue.

If you confirm that there is no associated bug report yet, should we create a bug report on Mantis?

Please advise.

Yes, we can replicate the issue. You can follow the progress here:

The simplest way to fix this is to edit the phplist_admin table in the database. Just add a numeric suffix (or something) to the loginname and namelc fields. That’s what I did.

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