Please clarity on location of images directory

Please some clarity on location of image directory.

If you want to upload images in the editor, you need to specify the location
of the directory where the images go. This needs to be writable by the webserver, and it needs to be in your public document (website) area
the directory is relative to the webserver root directory
eg if your webserver root is /home/user/public_html then the images directory is /home/user/public_html/uploadimages
This is a potential security risk, so read for more information

  1. what exactly is the security risk? The way it is written it sounds like doing what is suggest is the actual security risk. And a link to would be helpful as I can’t find that.
  2. Must the directory be called "uploadimages?
  3. Then note in config.php also states: for the above, you can also use subdirectories, for example define(“UPLOADIMAGES_DIR”,“images/newsletter/uploaded”);

My setup:
I am only following the example give in my code below, yet no images load in the editor.
define(‘UPLOADIMAGES_DIR’, ‘images/image/’);

However if I change it to
define(‘UPLOADIMAGES_DIR’, ‘/image/’);
then the image editor does load, but the above does not follow the syntax of what is suggested.

@pancakehollow You might be getting confused by where the ckeditor plugin stores uploaded files. It creates subdirectories of the UPLOADIMAGES_DIR directory to hold uploaded images, files and flash videos respectively. The default values for those subdirectory names are image, files and flash.

So if you have

define('UPLOADIMAGES_DIR', 'uploadimages');

the editor will store image files in the uploadimages/image directory within your web root directory.

Understood. But if I create a statement: define(‘UPLOADIMAGES_DIR’, ‘this-is-something-different’);

will it store them there instead?

I ask because I currently have the settings:
Yet the only way for me to get sent emails to contain images is to actually put the images in:

outside of the ‘lists’ directory as suggested for security reasons.

Yes, that is the whole point of making this a setting.

The directory is relative to the web root, not the phplist directory. So if UPLOADIMAGES_DIR is ‘images’ then the editor will store uploaded images in the images/image directory. That should be fairly transparent though. If you “browse server” in the editor it will show the correct directory and when you choose an image then the URL will be correct.

So by default the actual directory where images are stored is always 'image"? Singular?

I think if you asked a hundred people what directory do you think your images (plural) are saved, “images” or “image” , they works say images no?