Plain Text and Failed Sending Test

I recently changed the SMTP address and can send a test email from a new campaign but not the old one. Along with that my text is in plain text in the compose message box not html.

How would I fix both of these issues?

What version of phplist are you using? You should have a plugin installed that shows the html commands available.

If you can send one email from an smtp server, you should be able to send many. Perhaps the old email has some content that is causing it not to be sent?

I am using version 3.2.5. How do I tell if I have a plugin installed?

Well, I was able to send a test email with new campaigns with the same content as the old email. I haven’t tested the old email as I am sending out a campaign to my lists but I will try later.

Two changes I did make since last time is I put define(‘PHPMAILER_SMTP_DEBUG’, 3); and define(‘SEND_QUEUE_PROCESSING_REPORT’,false); in the config.php file.

you can find out what plugins are installed by looking in the “Config” “Manage Plugins” menu.

Those settings in the config.php file should be fine.

All I see when I go to the “Manage Plugins” page, is a message that says: “The plugin root directory is not writable, please install plugins manually”

You’ll need to look in the config.php file and look fore the PLUGIN_ROOTDIR setting:


That tells you where the plugins reside, and make that directory writeable (change the permissions)

I looked in the plugins and tmp folders but there is nothing in there. I don’t change the permissions for that reason yet.

Here is what is said: define(“PLUGIN_ROOTDIR”,"/home/cliamtef/public_html/phplist/lists/tmp"); which is strange in my mind to have this at /tmp shouldn’t this be /plugins? If so, I will change that.