Placeholders in transactional mails

Hi there!

I am currently configuring PHPlist so that I can start sending emails. However, I came across a strange thing:

When I put system standard placeholders such as [FROMEMAIL], [EMAIL], [PREFERENCESURL] and so on in the transactional template, PHPlist will not populate the fields. It just sends them as plain text.

In my opinion, this is a standard feature that should work, not only because the law almost always requires anyone to include a unsubscribe link in every email, but also because I would like to address the email with the name of the potential subscriber. Just saying “Hi,…” without a placeholder seems weird to me.

This person seemed to have the same problem as me, but no one answered in their topic. In addition to that, there seemed to be a bug ticket years ago with the same problem. PHPlist ofc is on the newest version of the server, normal placeholders in campaigns work perfectly.

Whilst we are on this topic: why are placeholders also not working in the subject line of any email?

Thank you in advance for your help! I would love to use PHPlist properly, maybe the error is on my end :slight_smile: