Placeholder [USERID] seems not to work in templates

Dear all,

I am new here and I use the trial version on :

In HTML template for subscriptions, when I add placeholders like :
It works fine, they are replaced and it displays the correct info and URLs with uid.

But when I add [USERID] in the same template, it just displays ‘[USERID]’ instead of the uid.

Any ideas ?

Thank you )
Best Regards

Hi Chris, I can not replicate the issue on my side. Can you please send a request to support (Help > Contact Us) so we can check your template?


Dear Suela,

Thank you for your mail.

It’s not a bug, but I was not able to suppress the issue.

The error comes from me : I tryed to use [USERID] in a system
message (subscribing pages).

I realised it was not possible to use it there when I saw this
page :[]=%2Aplaceholders%2A

Thank you

Best regards

Thanks for the confirmation. Will mark this solved.