Placeholder [UNSUBSCRIBEURL] works bad in the body but well in the footer


I’ve update my Phplist from 2.x to 3.3.3 and now I have a problem with the placeholder [UNSUBSCRIBEURL].

When I insert the placeholder in the body of the message the url is bad, because when I send the email the url missed the “:” of “http”. For example: http//…

But when I insert the placeholder in the footer works perfect:…"

This problem doesn’t appears with [PREFERENCESURL] that works well in both places.

How can I solve?

Thanks in advantage.

@lenko That’s strange. Please report the issue to mantis:

I’ve tried this as it’s not something you would normally do as the link is included in the footer.

If I add
Or you can <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBEURL]">opt-out completely</a> from all future mailings.
into the body of a message, then the < a href … > is shown, but if I insert [UNSUBSCRIBEURL] as a hyperlink, the error quoted above does occur!


Ok, I’ve reported it. Thanks.

@lenko @Dragonrider I cannot repeat this problem. This is the html source in ckeditor

<p><a href="[UNSUBSCRIBEURL]">opt-out completely</a></p>

<p>Here is the unsubscribe url [UNSUBSCRIBEURL]</p>

And this is from the resultant email

<p><a href="http://strontian/lists/?p=unsubscribe&amp;uid=fd87aa680aefa314afb856e37769d01e">opt-out completely</a></p>

<p>Here is the unsubscribe url http://strontian/lists/?p=unsubscribe&amp;uid=fd87aa680aefa314afb856e37769d01e</p>

Please can you copy the content that you have entered on the Content tab, use the code button </> so that it is not changed by the forum.

Is the problem with the html version of the resultant email, the plain text version or both?