Phpmaileroauth & phpmaileroauthgoogle

i’ve searched around, but cannot seem to find any phplist specific instructions on setting up phpmaileroauth and/or phpmaileroauthgoogle.

is there any documentation on how to properly set up the oauth & tokens for phpmaileroauthgoogle?

i can set up our GSuite smtp account to work within the standard config process, but it seems to stall out and start failing. on that note, it fails LONG before we even come close to our 5,000 max daily send rate.

i’m quite familiar with a lot of this stuff, but feel as though i must be missing something obvious here.

can anyone offer up any insight on how to properly set this up?

namely, how to set these lines up, then properly integrating them into the system.

class PHPMailerOAuthGoogle
private $oauthUserEmail = ‘’;
private $oauthRefreshToken = ‘’;
private $oauthClientId = ‘’;
private $oauthClientSecret = ‘’;

@splaquet I do not think that anyone has done any work in trying to integrate phpmailerauth and phpmailerauthgoogle with phplist. But there is documentation on the phpmailer github wiki

What do you mean by this?

as in, it’ll send test/previews just fine to us. it’ll even start sending the queue out just fine, but then seems to randomly stop… after maybe a hundred or so. there aren’t any emails or notifications from gsuite saying that anything is wrong and the webmail still works totally fine, but phplist just seems to stop connecting.

i’m aware of the 5,000 daily send limit (or 24 hour period limit), but we’re not close to that number. and then, on the next day, we can repeat the cycle.

this seems to happen on a few different gsuite accounts, so i’m really not sure if it’s a setting, a limitation, or something that oauth would even allow to work around. i’m just kinda stumped… but in the end, i’d MUCH rather use my client’s gSuite accounts to send, rather than our local server.

the web has cracked down so tightly on us little guys. i’m just getting tired of all of the bulk email submission approvals to all of these companies. especially CloudMark, who seem to write their own rules.

You could try enabling VERBOSE in the config file. phplist will then write more to the event log. But if there is an error sending through smtp then that should also be recorded in the event log.

i wasn’t able to see what was going on in the event log. everything looks fine, and then a message like this starts popping up: "Error sending email to SMTP connect() failed. "

but… i was able to find a few posts on here that resemble my issue. i found that the mail is going out in batches of 80, then stalling out. there are actually a lot of items in here like that, and most seem to revolve around issues with cron jobs.

i had cron jobs totally working on my last server, but i’m working on cloudlinux now. funny thing is, it sends emails 100% fine when we use our local email system… but unfortunately, i have too many users who don’t 100% maintain their lists… which ends up hurting our server’s sending score, etc etc. i only seem to have this problem when using, thus the original reason i posted this request.

here’s a screenshot of what the active campaign queue looks like to me:

i didn’t notice this before… which is super odd.

i’ll receive an email that “processing has started,”

…BUT… not one that shows it as completed. I just noticed this line:
"Error sending email to SMTP connect() failed. "

ugh… so weird. it just feels like Google is cutting me off after 80 emails each time, no matter what

If I’m reading this correctly, you got phpList sending mails using GMail with OAuth2. Can you share which parameter settings are needed to get phpList to use GMail with OAuth2?
I’ve set up things at the Google side (client_id, secret) and got the refresh_auth_token.php working so the only thing left to do is change the phpList settings to get it using PHPMailer with OAuth2.