PHPMailer 5.2.18

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Due to security issues a new PHPMailer is available.

Since I’m new here, I don’t know where to mention this and who is taking a look at this.



This would most likely be posted on the development section, and/or listed on Mantis (the issue tracking system that the developers use.)

Hi @slibbe thank you for reporting this. We will incorporate the phpmailer update into the next version of phpList and release it as soon as possible.

To notify phpList developers directly in future, consider using the development discussion list here:

Moved to the Development section. Tags added.

In the meantime, 5.2.18 is no longer the version you may want to upgrade to. 5.2.21 is being tested momentarily.
Before incorporating the new stable it might be wise to make sure the new version really is stable as PHPList versions don’t follow so rapid.