Phplist with multiple smtp in the config.php file not working!

hi there dear friends,

I have just configured my server to use phplist and I want to carry my emails throw more than 1 domain /Ip but
I put in the config.php
my own domains but phplist is only sending emails throw the principl Domain/IP
however when testing with a simple php code using phpmailer library outside phplist it’s working well I can choose the sender domain/Ip without problems

I don’t know how can’i fix this problem ,why it doesn’t work when putting all smtp domains there in phplist?

thank you a lot
plz I need help

Multiple Smtp is working, just not the way you want it to… It will try the first smtp host, and if that is down, will try the second smtp host, and so on. If the smtp1 host is available, it will send through that host until it is no longer available.

thank you dear danwaterloo ,

I understand now but if I want to handle my emails throw many domains/ip’s
for example if I have 5 ip’s and 5 attached domains like this : x.x.x.x y.y.y.y z.z.z.z x.x.x.x u.u.u.u

and I want to select every once a set of those domains/ips maybe 2 or 3 o all of them
and rotate between them the flow ,it could be done with phplist without installing many instances of phplist?

I think phplist is very strong it should exist a way to do so

can you help on that plz
thank you so much