Phplist vs. others: phplist flagged by razor, not others

Hello and let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of phplist. I have been using it for years and years with only stellar results.

Having said that I’ve noticed of late my emails are being flagged by razor using phplist but when I switch to another email campaign software using the same IP address and content and domain and bounce address and from address and dns settings, etc., emails are not being flagged by razor.

I’m not trying to “crack” razor. Not at all. I’m trying to dig into the message source of the two to figure out why it’s happening with one and not the other, all things being equal.

Perhaps this is more suitable for development posting?

Any suggestions or insights would be useful. I’d gladly provide the message source of the two different platform emails for anyone who wishes to dissect this and in doing so, perhaps find some tweaks that could be made to phplist to improve it.

Thank you.

@pancakehollow I’d recommend that you send yourself an email from both systems, and look at the headers. It could be that it’s one of the headers that razor does not like.

Basically, do a ‘diff’ on the source of both emails, and see what the differences are… then you have something to work with.


Hi Dan and thanks.

First I just removed all the text after the standard headers and then both versions rated 2.2. Very good for bulk email. No mention of razor.

Then I added back the actual message and noted that when any of the links for unsubscribe, etc, or phplist logo/text, or embedded tracking pixel are present in the phplist message, razor is back.

Then I one-by-one removed them and when I got to:


Razor disappeared.

Just want to empathize I’m not trying to “game” razor which serves an important purpose, just trying to find out why the difference between phplist and the other bulk mailing server software.

Important note:

The Unsubscribe=0A<

contained a different domain in the unsubscribe link than the other bulk mailer, which could also be the issue, actually. I’ll try with the same domain in both cases and report back.

I do think it’s important to have that header, in that if an
email comes back and the outgoing address is redacted, that
unsubscribe link is a way to unsubscribe the user.

  it sounds like razor doesn't like the domain... you

might try submitting it to razor for de-listing if possible.