PHPlist version

Hello, somehow my phplist version is not being shown (see attached nr. 1) And that causes me some problems as trying to install and activate @duncanc Subscribers plugin is unsucessful due to PHPlist version incompatibility :confused: (see attached nr. 2) How can i check what PHPlist version am i currently running and how to make phplist itslef to know it? Thank you2

What does it say on the login page? Down at the bottom left on my version.

Thanks for the reply @Dragonrider . It says vdev

@Vytautasber It looks like you have installed the code directly from GitHub. Instead you need to install the proper release from sourceforge.

Hello, @duncanc thanks for the reply. I have been using this version for quite a while so there are lots of important info in DB, will not the install cause any loss of that data? Thanks a lot.

@Vytautasber You should backup the database and the config.php file first, then upgrade the phplist code as explained in the online documentation

You need to sort this out at some time, otherwise you will never upgrade and continue to use whatever code you installed from github.

@duncanc thanks for helping. Unfortunately after updating to 3.3.1 campaigns that were found in “active” tab (those were stopped for the day) cannot be found anymore, this happened after upgrading the database. Any clue why it happens and what might be the possible solution to this? Thank you

@Vytautasber All campaigns should be on one of the three tabs. Otherwise look at the phplist_messages table in the database to confirm that the campaigns are there and what value they have for the “status” field.

@duncanc Tried to restore from backup and do the upgrade again, happens the same (see screenshots before and after). Somehow upgrading database causes this issue as the screenshot is completele the same before and after the 3.3.1 version files upload. What happens more, this update causes queue processing issues such as automatic processing is no visisble anymore, pausing runing campaign makes it disappear from “active” tab and etc. Any insights?

P.s. if something new comes up i will keep you updated


@Vytautasber Sorry but I cannot see any reason why suspended campaigns should not be displayed. Presumably the campaigns are in the database table, only not being displayed on any of the tabs?

Do you know exactly when you got the phplist code from GitHub? Possibly there is a code change that is not backward compatible with release 3.3.1.

@duncanc the instalation was made somewhere around 2017.10.

@Vytautasber Are you using the same admin id (a super admin) for both versions of phplist?

Can you give me access to phplist and to ftp on your web server so that I can take a look? Send me a personal message if you want to do that.

@duncanc I did not really understand what you mean by your first question. If you mean loging in to the phplist - yes i use the same.

I have some additional information regarding the situation. Firstly, after uploading files everyhting seems to function properly, but the problem appears after database upgrade and after doing that i see some errors (see attached screenshots). Is this related to the problems i am facing?

@Vytautasber That might be the cause of the problem but I don’t have any suggestions on how to resolve it. Possibly the upgrade process does not work properly when the current version isn’t a real release.

It might be best if you don’t upgrade at all.

@duncanc Thank you. Is there any option how i can use your subscribers plugin on my current version? Also if it is possible to move all data (campaigns, subscribers, bounces) to a new, fresh instalation? Thanks a lot.

@Vytautasber You can edit the file SubscribersPlugin.php to remove this line from the method dependencyCheck()

'phpList version 3.2.5 or later' => version_compare(VERSION, '3.2.5') >= 0,

It is really only possible to export the subscribers to import into a new installation.