PHPList Updater stuck in Maintainance Mode (v3.6.13)

Tried the automatic updater on a new phplist installation and it’s got stuck on ‘updater is loading’.

Have followed various forum threads on here and someone suggested trying to fix the ‘sys_temp_dir’ . I then read that it can be found in the php.ini file but I can’t see that parameter in the php.ini file that’s in my public_html folder? If I do add that parameter to the file I don’t understand what value I give it?

Is that the right thing to do anyway? Seems there are loads of people having trouble with this updater plugin and there’s nothing definitive on the forum about what to do aside from various suggestions to try out - most of which don’t seem to resolve it.

Another suggestion mentioned an action.txt file which I found in the phplist / config folder and it says ‘{“continue”:false,“step”:16}’ - I don’t know what to do with it though. What does it mean?

The phplist dashboard currently says v3.6.13 whch I think is the latest version so maybe it’s got that far. However at the moment it says:

phpList is in maintenance mode.
Please try again in half an hour.

However, it’s been saying that for over 24hrs now! Wish I’d never tried to use it - what a nightmare.

Any ideas how to get out of this mess!

@phillegg You will need to do a manual upgrade.

OK - thanks Duncan

And I’ll be able to do that even though it’s stuck in maintainance mode?

@phillegg Ah, yes you will need to remove two rows from the config table with item column values update_in_progress and maintenancemode

Sorry but always very cautious when dealing with the MySQL table. When you say “remove” do mean literally “delete” the line - or do you mean change the value? And if you do mean change the value, what do I change it to? See screenshots below

The maintainancemode line says:

and the update_in_progress line says:

@phillegg Delete the record is fine.

Thanks it worked. Re the updater plugin - is that still in development? If so, will keep to annual upgrades for the moment

@phillegg The Updater plugin is ready for use, but you need to opt-in to use it by adding a setting to the config.php file. plugin:updater [phpList Resources]