phpList Updater problem?

So, I saw that a new version of phpList was released and so I clicked the “phpList Updater” link in the light yellow box at the top of the phpList Dashboard.

It started out okay, saying that v3.6.14 is available and giving me a “Download phpList zip file” button that, when clicked took a few seconds and came up with a “phpList zip file downloaded, now extract the zip file” message and an “Extract zip file” button.

When clicked, that came up with a “phpList zip file extracted, now update the phpList code. A backup of the phpList code will be made in /var/www/phpListBackups” (which is the folder that I specified as the backup location. That has an “Update phpList code” button, but when clicked that brings up the following error:

Failed to remove file “/var/www/html/phpList/admin/Updater.php”: unlink(/var/www/html/phpList/admin/Updater.php): Permission denied.

So I’m thinking that there must be a permission setting that I missed when I initially set this stuff up, but I don’t know enough how to troubleshoot (let alone fix) this sort of thing…any ideas?

@dethompsOWU You will need manually to copy back the files that were backed-up to /var/www/phpListBackups to restore phplist back to where it was.

You need to ensure that the directories/files are all owned by the same user, and that user has write permission. Ideally that should be the web server process, often www-data or apache

Gotcha. Our IS guy basically told me the second part just now, but good-to-know about the “manually copy backed-up files” thing…