phpList Updater and "uploads" folder

I’m working on getting the phpList Updater working because the process of manually upgrading phpList has become very time-consuming and problematic for me due to intermittent network issues I’m having here at home.

Our setup was that there was an “uploads” folder within our phpList install folder on our server, but that caused the phpList Updater to throw up an error during the Initialization phase…so we moved that folder outside of the phpList install folder and I adjusted the the “UPLOADIMAGES_DIR” setting in the config file so that it points at the new location instead.

Got the rest of the phpList Updater functioning correctly and all appeared to be well.

But then, a wrinkle…we use the ViewBrowserPlugin thing for phpList so that we can maintain an “archive” on our website of past issues (we primarily use phpList to send out our monthly Connect2 OWU newsletter):

The wrinkle being that, with the “uploads” folder moved, all of those old issues no longer knew where to look for their images, so each one was basically bringing up the HTML part just fine, but with all of the images broken.

So our short-term solution was to move the “uploads” folder back into the phpList install folder after the update was complete, but that seems problematic to have to move it out, do the upgrade, then move it back each time.

Is there a config file setting (or something) that can be done so that the old issues “know” to look in the new location for the “uploads”? I looked to see if there was a “View In Browser” plugin setting having to do with images, but I couldn’t find anything in that section of the Settings page…

@dethompsOWU You could try using the updater provided by the Addons plugin. That doesn’t have the restrictions of the core phplist updater and will leave alone the uploads folder. See plugin:addons [phpList Resources] for how to use it.

Perfect! I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: