Phplist suddenly stoped sending, but it says it is ok?

Hi there!
We were using phplist 3.something, do not remember the version (I can check it in a backup if it is needed)… it was working OK, all fine…
But like two days ago it says all went out… but NOT REALLY… all views remains 0 (because nothing seems to be going out)
I though… ok well, maybe something went broken, lets upgrade it to the latest phplist version… so now we have running a nice phplist 3.6.2, but having the same issue…

For example, I start a new campaing, add “11111111” to subject “11111” to body content… do a testing sent to my gmail address and the test is RECEIVED!!..
BUT later… I add some real content (just 1 image and two text lines, some strong and links…) and the test sending says OK, sent… but the test nevers reaches my gmail accounat???

Any idea? what can be going wrong? no idea what to test, check, try, see, etc…

I did more tests… and it is like it fails to send when ANYTHING more than PLAIN TEXT is added… the first html tag, even a link as text (no A tag) makes it to not send it properly…

Any idea?

Hi, I have some issues with the latest PHPList too, perhaps from 3.6.1. Maybe not related but just adding for information.

With 3.6.1 it seems the batch behavior is different (sending in smaller batches than before), but it worked.

With 3.6.2 I have issues sending tests and the app freezes after that. Event log says error connecting to SMTP but the settings in config.php have never changed.

Will investigate and provide more information…

It seems there’s a problem with email in other applications too so I believe mine is an issue with the host.

I am also having the same problem over the last week. I have had a number of campaigns that process the list of around 380 subscribers but no-one gets the email and there are no views nor bounces. I am using V3.6.2.
Every mow and then a campaign will operate normally but for the past week only 3 out of 10 campaigns have got through on the first attempt. Some never get through.

I have the same issue! And I can’t seem to find solution. Any help is very much appreciated.