phpList stopped working - generate html fail

Hello. I have been using the phpList installed on my web host server for about a year. Suddenly it has stopped working. There is a html format type page, I type text into that, go to the next step which is generate html button, and when I click that button it does not generate text or html and the message I type in disappears.

Don’t know server specifics, the web host is NameCheap so everything is always kept up to date.


Well, something has changed if phpList no longer works. If you’ve not changed anything, then your host probably has.

Can you look at this post please and let us know the answers to the info requested, otherwise we can only guess.

Thank you for replying. I do not know the information you are asking me for. I am not a web developer or a geek or anything like that, I am a secretary and I use the newsletter to send out to the group when needed, that is all. I do have server info and I can let you onto the server if you want to take a look around and see what is up? Just email me with your email and I will be glad to provide you with info to get on.


I think we have resolved this, will check to be sure. PHP Version on server is 5.3 so we have upgraded to 5.5 and the rest of the site is unaffected, so hopefully @davidll will be able to confirm if the original issue has been resolved in the morning, his time.

This is now resolved. I want to thank the php team here for the tremendous, above and beyond support, in particular, Dragonrider, who actually went out of his way and got right onto my server and got things working again!

Thank you so much!

David L

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