PHPList software have any limitation on sending emails per hour

I am using PHPList version 2.10.19 , We are hosted in online server, this server have the permission to send 30K emails in one hour, but we are not able send 30K emails in one hour.

below is the config.php file setting, I have the answer from sever team, this PHPList version script/software version not sending more than 5000 emails per one hour, they suggest me to go with commercial version of PHPList.


Please let me know, I need to change the version of the PHPList or Is the problem with server side…
Please advise!!


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This still limits you to the constraints of browser queue processing.
If you want faster, you should consider commandline queue processing.

I used below config.php settings, but we are not able to send 30K emails in 1 hour.
Can you please advise, where it is going wrong, Is it PHPList version or Server hosting setting ???


There are a whole lot of things you need to check if you want to send 30K. Some things will limit the speed of PHPList, and some things will limit the speed your server can send the email.

What OS is on the server?
Is it a dedicated server?
Are there a lot of websites on the server?
Does it have a good amount of ram?
What version of MySql is running?
What email program is running (is it exim)?
What version of PHP is running?
Is the server scanning outgoing email?
Is PHP optimally configured?
Is the server connected via an unmetered port?

Ok. I"ll check this information, can you please let me know, PHPList software have the any limitation to send 30K emails in one hour ??

There is no limitation in PHPList.

but there is the information phplist document says “Limiting the speed rate”
Please let me know, what it is ??

Hi @jackvinson
Most people would want to slow down the sending of emails in phpList so that the emails are received and put in the inbox of the recipient.
Although there are no limitations built into phpList, the overall performance depends on many things, hence the list of factors above by @NYChris.

There are many factors that exist outside of phpList that will lower the throughput. For instance, if your email server is configured to send via 200 simulatneous smtp outgoing connections, and 50 of them are locked up waiting for AOL, that would lower the performance.

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