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phpList responsive template


Hello everyone!

I forked a responsive email template and added the PhpList placeholders. I´m using it with my list.

Here it is:

I hope this can be useful for someone.



This is totally awesome. Thanks! I’ll give it a try.


@Angel your template made it into today’s release of phpList 3.4.0. Thanks again!



What great news! Happy to help.


Going to try this :slight_smile:

Were can i get more templates for PHPList and how to put on PHPList ? is there an Youtube channel for Phplist tutorials on better/beautiful/responsive e-mail marketing ?


I have 3.4.0, so this template is the default ?

On other tools like mail chimp, isend, e-goi i just used the mouse… any youtube videos on how to work on this template ?Seems quite good actually, but, i’m still getting used to…


Yes, see the other threads you recently posted in.