phpList responsive template

Hello everyone!

I forked a responsive email template and added the PhpList placeholders. I´m using it with my list.

Here it is:

I hope this can be useful for someone.



This is totally awesome. Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

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@Angel your template made it into today’s release of phpList 3.4.0. Thanks again!

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What great news! Happy to help.


Going to try this :slight_smile:

Were can i get more templates for PHPList and how to put on PHPList ? is there an Youtube channel for Phplist tutorials on better/beautiful/responsive e-mail marketing ?

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I have 3.4.0, so this template is the default ?

On other tools like mail chimp, isend, e-goi i just used the mouse… any youtube videos on how to work on this template ?Seems quite good actually, but, i’m still getting used to…

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Yes, see the other threads you recently posted in.