PHPList only Exports 1 Contact

Running off IIS locally.
When i press export to export the full list (48k emails)
it only exports the first email from my list and then says “All Done”

Has anyone else encountered this issue? What settings did you change on IIS?
Ive played with all PHP runtime values.

Ive also downloaded and tried to install the Subscribers plugin manually its saying its incompatible with my version.

There are several ways to download (export) subscribers. Which method did you use?

I just saw similar behavior using Subscribers -> Export subscribers with the Any date (Export all subscribers) option chosen and all data fields selected. My export included only two subscribers, and I can’t see anything similar between them (a test address I created when I first installed phpList, and somebody added several months later). There should have been thousands of subscribers, not just those two.

That method isn’t what I normally use, although I vaguely recall trying it years ago and having this problem then. I usually use Subscribers -> Advanced search to select the subscribers I want to download and then use the Export link (icon). This does require use of the Subscribers plugin; that it’s not working for you is sort of a separate problem from the export. What version of phpList do you have, and what version of the Common Plugin do you have installed?

Edited to add: I’m using Apache, not IIS, so the too-few export problem is probably unrelated to the server software.

Hey thanks for the response back!
Ive tried both methods. Still exporting only 1 record.
I have PHPList version: v3.6.10
Common Plugin: 3.23.0+20221019
Subscribers Plugin: 2.32.0+20221224
The “Export” button still only spits out 1 email.

Am i forced to export from DB?

@westman It is not clear whether you have tried the Subscribers plugin export from the Advanced Search page.

Which browser are you using? Can you use its developer tools to see whether there are any http or javascript errors?
Also, look on the Event Log page for any errors reported by phplist.

@duncanc I’ve tried both methods for exporting.
First was the simple “Download Subscribers” button only exports 1 subscriber
Next was downloading and installing the subscribers plugin manually. Once enabled, I have the advanced search page. When i click export this too only exports 1 subscriber.
I am using Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
I opened console, no http or js errors
Event Log shows nothing either.

@westman I guess it is some difference between linux+apache and windows+IIS. I do not think that phplist is tested at all in your environment.

Why did you install the Subscribers plugin manually? Did installing it on the Manage Plugins page not work?

One thing to check is that $tmpdir in config.php is set to a directory that the web server can write to.

I see. Alright ill switch to win+apache