Phplist on synology DS215j - possible?

Dear community,

I would like to integrate phplist on a NAS synology DS215j. Therefore I transfered all the files in the given web-folder (subfolder phplist) on the synology. Furthermore I gave full read- and write-rights to the http-user (synology one). This way I was able to run the installation process as described in the manual by phplist. I can log in and browse the administration window.

Sounds great. What is the matter?

I get access to the phplist on the synology via When I click the “Manage subcribers”-button in the phplist administration panel it brings me to the following link “”. Click on “New subcriber” is possible as well. I am able to type in a new e-mail but the click on “continue” brings me to the following link “”.

Here it crashes because the synology can’t find the phplist-folder anymore because phplist is changing the link somehow itself.

My question to you is:
How can I configurate phplist that it still runs under 1.1.1/phplist/phplist/public_html/?
Do you know how I can run phplist under a NAS like synology?

Thank you in advance :smile:

synology DS215j Version 6
phpmyadmin 4.6.2
PHP 5.6
tried on opera and firefox newest version

@listrob You don’t appear to have installed phplist in the correct directory, or at least not as the recommend directory.

You should copy the “lists” directory to the root of your web site, so the url would be something like

Then if you have changed $pageroot in the config.php file, change it back to the default value to match this.


Thanks for the fast reply. Do I get you right that I have to copy the “lists” directory out of the public_html-folder directly into the “web”-folder of the synology? The point is that I just followed the guide like it describes the routine:

I am a bit lost with changing the $pageroot in the config.php file. Which value should I change there exactly?

Thank you in advance.

What this actually says is to browse to find the lists directory and upload that.

[quote]Browse though to your temporary folder in the FTP program, then open the public_html folder to find the lists folder.

Upload this /lists folder into your public_html file on your server. [/quote]

If not present in your config.php file, add:

# if you change the path to the phpList system, make the change here as well
# path should be relative to the root directory of your webserver (document root)
$pageroot = '/lists';

@listrob The guide says to

Upload this /lists folder into your public_html file on your server.

public_html is a common name for the web root directory.

If you have used the short config.php then $pageroot might not be present. Look for $pageroot in the config_extended.php file and copy that line into your config.php file.

@Duncanc and I give the same info at the same time, great minds think alike! :sunglasses:

You both are great :slight_smile: I’ll try your tips out as soon as I am back home. You both gave me the same tip but because of your different style of explaining it I feel more prepared to fix the issue. Big thanks to both of you!