PHPLIST not working on Dreamhost

Hi People,

I’ve set up a number of PHPLIST installs, mostly on my own managed Webmin based server. But now I’m using DREAMHOST as a web hosting platform, and I just set up an installation and the test emails are disappearing. On my webmin install, the tests would come thru instantly. On this install, they evaporate. No trace. Not in spam folders. PHPLIST says “success” when they send, but they literally disappear. (yes, I changed the “define (‘TEST’)” parameter in CONFIG to zero. So, should be no problem.

If anyone has any suggestions, would be much appreciated. (I have a Wordpress install on the same domain, which uses PHP mail function for contact form, so PHP sendmail should be working ok)


you might want to start by setting a bounce email box, use that for the message envelope, and see what dreamhost wants you to use to read and write emails. Then put those settings into the config.php file.