Phplist not processing campaings

On March 13, I created a campaing to run from 13 Mar to 17 Mar. It is now 23 Mar and of the 189 emails to send, it has only sent 51. I have shut it down due to the fact that the date has passed that I needed the emails sent by, but this is a recurring issue. Very rarely has a campaign been fully sent.

I am currently running v 3.3.1

I like the concept of phplist, but I need it to function properly.

@vader7071 phplist will never work if you are using localhost server. Hosting providers do not allow sending emails more than 150 email per day. Worst case scenario you will be banned by your hosting to a certain extent due to sending emails excessively using localhost. You need to integrate an external SMTP server to make it works especially when you need to send more than 30K emails per month like me.

That is probably it then. Well rats. And I am sure if I start blasting emails out of my home, my ISP will go berzerk.