Phplist multilanguage front end selectors

Hi. I see that the admin area is multi-language.
What about the front end?

If I send emails to groups in 2 languages, is there a way to make the front end and the transactional settings in 2 “switchable” languages?


I just found this Setting up phpList in ... | phpList manual but some aspects are not clear to me

  1. TRANSACTIONAL SETTINGS: is possible to have more then 1 version of the texts (2+ languages) ?

  2. SUBSCRIBE PAGES IN FRONT END: I’ve created 2 subscribe pages, and chosen a default one.
    If I go to the homepage, I now see the 2 titles and under each a link the each subscribe page.

Isn’t there a way to show the frontpage in one language depending on the visitor browser language or choice?

  1. LANG VARIABLE FOR PAGES: if I go to /?p=preferences, I see just one language (the default declared in $language_module). Is there a way to specify a language in the link? Something like &lang=en ?