Phplist link is not Embedded in text or is not hyperlink when recipient received the email

Please Help,

i have successfully installed PHPLIST on my server, it is already fine and running. But when i tried to create a new campaign through LIST OF CAMPAIGN >> START NEW CAMPAIGN… added CAMPAIGN SUBJECT and FROM LINE and begin to create the content, but when i embed a hyperlink into a text it looks fine on the editor but when i tested to send that email campaign to my email, instead of a text with hyperlink on it or inside that text… it showed like this:

Join My Dynamic Team To get 50-50 Sharing Of Pass-up Commissions

How can i fix this?
Please Help

You would want to make sure the cke editor is enabled. (It’s a plugin)

Then, put your text into the html editor, select it and click on the ‘chain’ (link) icon, and type your URL .

Then it will show up the way you are expecting.