PHPList keeps logging out when any menu option clicked

I’ve seen a thread on this from 2017, but issues has been getting worse since latest release. I keep clearing the cache and cookies which temporarily fixes the issue. Seems to be worse in Chrome compared to Firefox. The only plugin I’m using is CKEditorPlugin.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions to correct this!


@JeffG I think that if you are behind a proxy then there might be problems with the IP address changing. Look at this setting in config.php. Ensure that it is set to 0.

define('CHECK_SESSIONIP', 1);

Hi. I did not have that option in my config.php file. I just went ahead and added: define(‘CHECK_SESSIONIP’, 0);
I cleared the cache and removed the cookies and will see if this has an effect. Does seem to make sense based on the description:
// to increase security the session of a user is checked for the IP address
// this needs to be the same for every request. This may not work with
// network situations where you connect via multiple proxies, so you can
// switch off the checking by setting this to 0
define(‘CHECK_SESSIONIP’, 0);

@duncanc, that appears to have fixed the problem: define(‘CHECK_SESSIONIP’, 0);
Thanks for the help!

Another thing to look at is the php.ini session.save_path

Try changing that to /tmp in the php.ini file or inside MultiPHP INI Editor in cPanel or options on PHP Selector.

This didn’t solve the problem for me; still logs out / goes back to login page immediately a menu link is clicked on

define(‘CHECK_SESSIONIP’, 0);

To anyone stumbling upon this thread: this problem of phpList logging you out when any menu option is clicked occurs when the disk is full.

i did the same, but the problem still, it keeps logout