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phpList is seeking for your support on Patreon

Hello everyone,

Now #phpList is on Patreon seeking for your support in order to develop the software further & enhance the current version. Make an one-time or monthly donation to phpList. Why do so? Check below:

Alternatively, you can visit the phpList page on Patreon directly here:

Other types of support :wink:

If you wish to support phpList differently other than monetarily, here is what you can do:

  • Check the GitHub repository and see if you can fix something. Then, create a Pull Request and see your contribution on the upcoming release.
  • Join the phpList online community forum and dive in to the discussion.
  • Report a bug on Mantis, the phpList bug tracker.
  • Test the Release Candidate. Before the final release, there is always an RC (Beta) version of phpList for people to run and test. Then, give your feedback on the forum.
  • Bring phpList on your language by translating it on Weblate.