phpList Installation getting fatal error?

while installing the php list getting this error
Fatal Error: Mysql is not supported in your PHP, recompile and try again.

downloaded the latest version of phpList (phpList version 3.2.4) and uploaded the files. created database and edited the config.php.
PHP 4.0.1 version on server

please help on this

phpList 3.2.x will not work on such an outdated version of PHP, highly recommend you upgrade to PHP 5.4.x or above. Ask your server host if you are unable to do this.

You may also need to amend your config.php file to use MySQLi rather than MySQL, but try to upgrade PHP first.

Hi if any of this stuff is to complex etc I recommend - it’s out of the box with no install etc.

Besides using a more current version of php, you need to make sure the modules for apache and mysql are installed…